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Appalachian Health and Well-Being brings together leading researchers and practitioners to provide a much-needed compilation of data- and research-driven perspectives, broadening our understanding of strategies to decrease the health inequalities affecting both rural and urban Appalachians. The contributors propose specific recommendations for necessary research, suggest practical solutions for health policy, and present best practices models for effective health intervention. Because Appalachian Health and Well-Being offers new insights for students, educators, health practitioners, policy makers, and researchers to promote a greater understanding of the factors affecting Appalachian health, the textbook could serve as a valuable resource for both your courses and your research. Editors Robert L. Ludke and Phillip J. Obermiller offer a comprehensive syllabus and teaching guide to accompany the book, and invite you to order an examination copy today.

Download a .pdf of the suggested Course Syllabus

Course Description:

This course provides students the opportunity to explore the health of rural and urban Appalachians and the factors influencing their health and well-being.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the historical, demographic, social, economic, and environmental characteristics of the Appalachian region
  • Articulate the migration and urbanization of Appalachians who relocated in urban areas outside the Appalachian region such as Cincinnati
  • Explain the social and cultural barriers facing persons of Appalachian heritage
  • Define and explain the underlying context and determinants of the health status and well-being of rural and urban Appalachians
  • Articulate the health conditions impacting the health and well-being of rural and urban Appalachians and successful interventions to address those conditions
  • Provide a critical analysis of the knowledge base on the health and well-being of rural and urban Appalachians
  • Demonstrate their knowledge regarding the public health of rural or urban Appalachians through preparation of a peer-reviewed journal manuscript

To order an examination copy of Appalachian Health and Well-Being at a cost of $10, contact Hopkins Fulfillment Service.

Please mail, fax, or email requests on department letterhead; to qualify you must provide course name, current text, number of sections per year, and average number of students per section.

PO BOX 50370
BALTIMORE, MD 21211-4370
FAX: 410/516-6998



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