Table of Contents

Part I. Appalachian Health Determinants

Chapter 1. Genetic Contribution to Health in Appalachia

Melanie F. Myers and Carol S. Baugh


Chapter 2. Appalachian Health and the Physical Environment

Michael S. Hendryx


Chapter 3. The Quest for an Appalachian Health Lifestyle

Evelyn A. Knight


Chapter 4. Health Care Systems in Appalachia

Joel A. Halverson, Gilbert H. Friedell, Eleanor Sue Cantrell, and Bruce A. Behringer


Part II. Appalachian Health Status

Chapter 5. The Heart of Appalachia

Ann L. McCracken and E. Kelly Firesheets


Chapter 6. Diabetes and Its Management in the Appalachian Region

Sharon A. Denham


Chapter 7. Obesity and Food Insecurity in Appalachia

Jennifer Chubinski and Mark A. Carrozza


Chapter 8. Cancer-Related Disparities in Appalachia

James L. Fisher, John M. McLaughlin, Mira L. Katz, Mary Ellen Wewers, Mark B. Dignan, and Electra D. Paskett


Chapter 9. Chronic Kidney Disease – Appalachia’s Hidden Illness

Barbara B. Weaner and Rebecca J. Schmidt


Chapter 10. Trauma in Appalachia

Levi D. Procter, Andrew C. Bernard, Paul A. Kearney, and Julia F.  Costich



Chapter 11. Mental Health in Appalachia

Susan E. Keefe and Lisa Curtin


Chapter 12. Substance Abuse in Rural Appalachia

Michael S. Dunn, Bruce A. Behringer, and Kristine Harper Bowers


Chapter 13. Oral Health in Appalachia

Daniel W. McNeil, Richard J. Crout, and Mary L. Marazita


Part III: Urban Appalachian Health

Chapter 14. Identifying Appalachians Outside of Appalachia

Robert L. Ludke, Phillip J. Obermiller, Eric W. Rademacher, and Shiloh K. Turner


Chapter 15. The Health Status and Health Determinants of Urban

Appalachian Adults and Children

Robert L. Ludke, Phillip J. Obermiller, and Ronnie D. Horner


Chapter 16. Community-Based Participatory Health Research in an Urban Appalachian


M. Kathryn Brown


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